Alternate color order should have maximum contrast between #1 and #2

Playing through arcade mode, it occurred to me that for Geiger mirror matches, his colors #1 and #2 are very similar-looking (both have blond hair, with the suits being black vs. navy blue). Given that color #1 vs. color #2 is almost certainly going to be the most common mirror match by far, I feel like it’s pretty important that the alternate color order be set up with the intention of maximizing ease of distinguishing between P1 and P2 at a glance for that matchup specifically.

At the moment, I think the issue really only affects Geiger (and it’s an easy enough problem to solve, since it really just requires swapping color #2 with one of the others that has, say, different-colored hair too or something, or a brighter-colored suit), but it’s something worth bearing in mind for upcoming characters and, to a lesser extent, perhaps alternate costumes in the future.


(incidentally, there’s also a bug in Arcade mode where, once you play a mirror match that forces color #2, subsequent opponents use color #2 as well)