Alternative throw animations for dragon-form Midori

Loving the new animations for when characters are throwing Rook! Could these also be used when throwing Midori in dragon form? He looks pretty heavy!

I heard it looked really strange for the Dragon so they decided not to use them. Maybe they’ll revisit it later.

We tried it and it didn’t seem right. If there are no special “struggle” throws at all, like in any normal fighting game, then that’s fine. Currently, they exist just vs Rook because he’s made of rock and heavy, and that’s fine. But in test versions where it was Rook AND the Dragon, it didn’t seem right that the amount of struggle was the same. It seemed like vs Rook it needed to be more than vs Dragon, so it stuck out as weird I think. It’s just too much development for us to have some other set of animations just for the dragon, and since sharing it with Rook felt wrong, we’ll just leave the dragon as normal throw reactions for now.