Animation ideas thread!

I figure this would be a fun place to speculate and daydream, since quite a few animations are still up in the air, we can pitch ideas here!

I had a thought on DeGrey’s throw: The ghost can tap their unsuspecting victim on the shoulder, then DeGrey does some kind of cheap shot. It maybe feels out of character to have DeGrey do something dishonest, but I also think it’s a good homage to Slayer’s pipe smoke -> trip from GGXX!

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For Slayer’s b.A stomp, I’m thinking something like one foot stomping on the ground in front of him, while he sticks out his arm and points like Phoenix Wright, like he’s pulling out the evidence at just the right moment to really shock his opponent (to the point where they are blown straight up into the air, I guess?)


Ooh, maybe not his Throw, but perhaps his Yomi counter?

Lol, I could totally see a “throw the book at them” move with drifting papers falling down from his hand and fading out. Also has AWESOME visuals if it counter-hits:

“OBJECTION!” counter-hit juggle into Pilebunker “TAKE THAT!”


I absolutely love this idea, plus it kinda helps separate DeGrey from being a little too Slayer-y. (even though I recommended a Slayer homage for his throw, oops.) in retrospect, the throw idea also works great for Quince in 22XX when FSFG Shadows comes out.

I think with DeGrey though it’s important to show off the peculiar brand of teamwork DeGrey and Ghost-Chan have.

Other thoughts…

Lum’s item throw should DEFINITELY come out of his hat. MAYBE his jacket MIGHT be acceptable ; )

I feel like Argagarg’s normals and throws should probably demonstrate a sort of deliberate minimalism to his movements, suggesting that he’s a pacifist who will fight back, but only using the minimal amount of violence necessary, and the staff definitely gives him a sort of air of wisdom and deliberateness. You could do a lot of neat stuff, animation-wise, with four arms and a staff, well beyond mimicking the Yomi cards. Obviously his specials and supers should indicate a sort of “I’m through holding back, because it’s time to end this now” attitude, but I feel like his normals should definitely indicate a sort of economy of movement, like you might associate with a kendo master or something. Like, maybe for his Yomi Counter you see him move juuuuust out of the opponent’s grasp and swing around them and knock them down in a single, fluid motion, like something out of aikido? Come to think of it, aikido-with-a-staff seems like a really good way to condense how I imagine Argagarg’s fighting style.

Geiger’s animations feel surprisingly good overall even as placeholders, even if his Timekick is a bit more Genocide Cutter than Flash Kick (which, to this SNK fan, is hardly a problem). Obviously his b.A step-in kick could use some tweaking, but on the whole his placeholders look a whole lot more presentable than most. Maybe some sort of time-stop effect on his backward throw, where he sneaks behind the opponent and hits them from behind while they’re trying to figure out where he went? Obviously a time-stop effect on his Yomi Counter is non-negotiable. ; )

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Also, in my head DeGrey’s ghost floats kind of above and behind him, like Nakoruru’s hawk Mamahaha, but maybe a bit closer overall. I imagine that’s coming soon enough, though.

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Yeah, I imagine the Ghost sits at what I’d call “Stand range”



ima beat you up with my stand, 「Justice」

EDIT: oh wait that was the fog one, back when they were named after major arcana cards instead of musicians

Pretty sure that’s the plan. The Ghost projectile will look a lot cooler then, and you’ll have the visual indication of when it’s off cooldown.

I think when Geiger is doing his super walk he should be doing something other than creeping. He could tug on his cuff, fix his tie, check his watch etc… Or maybe have multiple of these animations that would play randomly each time.


I like the idea of Rook’s win pose being like a close up of his shoulders/face so that you can see his little bird friends building a nest on him, or like, picking twigs off of him.


Obviously DeGrey’s finalized back throw animation should be that he gets down on all fours in front of his opponent and then the ghost pushes the opponent from behind

Forward throw should be that the ghost taps the opponent on the shoulder from behind and then DeGrey kicks them or something, I dunno