Animation thing: Quince's horrifying hand twirl

Animation thing: Quince’s horrifying hand twirl

Upon entering two truths, Quince’s front hand (the furthest one from the camera) does two hand twirls that look like they’re not meant to happen, since wrists typically don’t work that way.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter practise mode, make Quince use Patriot Mirror, make Quince’s opponent walk into it
  2. Enter frame step mode, step to the point where the illusory Quinces have just merged with the real Quince
  3. Watch Quince’s hands, one of them will twirl backwards twice

Expected Results:
Presumably, Quince’s hand not doing that weird twirl thing

Actual Results:
Quince’s hand doing that weird twirl thing

Maybe I’m just misinterpreting the animation? Figured I’d post a report just in case! Tested with Quince as player 2 versus both Lum and Grave


Game Version:
Steam v1.19459

System Information:

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