Any tip against or for Quince

First of all, I am aware that Quince is considered a low tier character, perhaps because how hard is he to play.

On the other side, he is also hard to play against. Of course I have no problems against Quinces played by worse players than me, but I feel that when they are even to me, the match up is about 60-40. At least I have problems to read which Quince is the true one, and to avoid breaking his ultimate mirror.

I’ve tried to play a little with him, and although I am still a very bad Quince, it has helped me to counter him a little better. Tips to play him better should be also welcome, I can’t imagine him as one of my mains in a short term, but perhaps it will help me to read better enemy Quinces.

Just in case it helps, my mains are Jaina (the most problematic), Rook, and Midori. Fortunately Quince needs to get close, so grapplers make the problem smaller. XD

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