Anyone going for trophies on PS4?

Trophies are a fun extra, though I don’t have OCD over them, ha.

Posted this on the Discord, but things can get buried there quick.
GameFAQs FS board is dead, though I just posted to (potentially) help there- :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
They have a trophy list, but a Google search gave no info on ways to get them:

So the character-specific ones can be done vs CPU, at least DeGrey & Rook.

Haven’t gotten Setsuki 5 damage combo. Is it- jB>rejumpC>airA>A>super?
-Or Arg 3 stacks of poison
-Grave overcome opponent projectile w/your jC>B cloud.

Anyone know how they work? Maybe the ones I couldn’t get are online-only.
Odd since the others were not.

Survival 20, 35, 50. Any way to clear those? Not even Dragon Buster’s helping. Maybe zoning?

I’ve gotten as high as 18 in survival using Geiger and relying on only Flash Gear, The Spiral, backhand, and throws. But then the AI’s get more and more boss rush powers

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I’ve also gotten the trophies during boss rush. Yes, your Setsuki 5 damage combo is correct.
I’ve gotten the Grave one during normal local play I think? I don’t remember. I haven’t specifically aimed for trophies myself.

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Ok, thanks. I’ll see what I can do next time I play.
Maybe I got the Arg- 3 poison stacks, or there’s another trick to it.

And I’ll try the best zoners for Survival.

Ok, got ranked, friend & local ones, and all of the character-specific ones except Setsuki.
Anyone else having trouble getting 5 damage?
Maybe the jB has to be a certain height, and the jC?
Seems like the toughest trophy besides Survival.
Haven’t cleared any courses, and 50 doesn’t sound fun.

Some characters don’t have trophies: Geiger & Val.
And I’m surprised that Boss Rush doesn’t have one.

Try knocking the opponent down first, throwing the air kunai so it lands deep into their standup animation. Then you should be able to do JC, JA, A, Super. Hope this helps!