Are Grave and Geiger zoners?

They are defensive sure, but they look more like footsies characters to me and they do feel very differently from Jaina for sure.

But I do know far less about fighting games than Sirlin for sure, so am I creating a difference that doesn’t exist?

Geiger is a zoner for sure, where as Grave is more like an all-around shoto.

Zoners primarily just fill and hold space on the screen, making the opponent have to come to them. Characters like Grave can zone, but aren’t nearly as efficient as a true zoner. One of the clear indications that Geiger is a zoner is the fact that you can’t throw his fireball/gear if you are walking forward.

The fact that Geiger is weakened by walking forward doesn’t make him a zoner, just defensive.

He controls the space in front of him very well and can zone, just like Grave, but I really don’t see him as a true zoner like Jaina.

Defensive, yes (so is Jaina), but coupled with his “flash gear” (I think it’s called), it does make him a very strong zoner. Geiger is literally Guile from SF, and as such he controls the ground space in front of him, as well as the airspace immediately in front/above of him. He is designed to be a keep away character. He does what Jaina does, only he does it more with physical moves, where she does it primarily with projectiles.

You make some good points.