Argagarg can have many active bubble shields at the same time

Argagarg can have many active bubble shields at the same time.

Argagarg can have many bubble shields active at once. Too many.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Training mode.
  2. Bubble shield! Bubble shield!
  3. Bubble shield! Bubble shield!

Expected Results:
He shouldn’t be able to stack a ton of bubble shields. Like maybe four tops, if he should be allowed to have more than one.

(The bubble shields do disappear over time, so this is really only ever going in practice mode, or if Lum gets really unlucky and slots out cake after cake.)

Actual Results:
He can keep stacking bubble shields. One gets consumed if he blocks an attack or pops one while air traveling. If Arg gets hit, all the shields pop at once, with some slowdown.

Also, the visual effect of many bubble shields while holding back is kind of neat.

I also noticed a minor graphical detail, where if both Argagargs have a bubble shield active and the camera pans, then the camera will prioritize the bubbles on the left, making the bubbles on the right appear thin and skewed.



Game Version:

System Information:

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Pretty sure this is one is intentional, not a mistake. Why does it seem like a problem to you?


That is a good filename