Argagarg move set brainstorming

how close were we?

Doesn’t Lum go first?

We already knew his moves back then. He was rougher but he existed. By the time you joined the community they removed lum from the builds because he wasn’t good enough to show off

but back to the point.

How close were we with arg?

I think all his current moves were called out in some way in this thread. Wave doesn’t deal damage, but does have a fish. Nobody called out poison, though.

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I still can’t quite comprehend the poison mechanic in this game.
How does it work?

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The way it is intended is that they enemy does not take damage immediately upon getting hit. They take 2 delayed damage over the course of two ticks.
However, they can get rid of the poison by scoring a hit on Arg.

It’s currently very unfinished and buggy though. For example, there is a bug that makes Rook’s jC knockdown end the poison on him.

Technically Rook’s jC is a 0 damage hit, I mean it does score first hit at the start of a match. Besides as far as you guys said he will probably need all the help he can get in the MU.

That said, did Patreons get access to Arg? I so, could you guys record a gameplay of him?

We’re not allowed to share footage.
You’ll see it soon enough.

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Ah dang, that’s too bad.

I’ll be waiting.

@Bomber678 any idea how soon? xD

I think you’ll be waiting a while for Argagarg actually. Though his gameplay is brilliant and can’t wait for him to be finished.

Lum seems like he’ll be really soon though!


How’s the Arg model looking right now? Is he currently in placeholder gumby model state, or presentable?

The model itself looks fairly good (to me), but the animations are all kinds of placeholder.


apparently he looks like he’s in agony, but I want to see a picture of him

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Me too!

I mean, I already have nightmares about Valerie’s “I’m going to eat your kids” smile when you select her, what’s one more going to do?

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Am I the only one that thinks Valerie’s facial animations look p good? :’(


@mysticjuicer no you’re not, i think they add to her manic charecter

What I like about Arg:

Very unique character that rounds out the initial cast well and has really great flavor. Moves that do no direct damage but are still really useful (Pacifism)! Overlal defensive moves. Poison that is easy to activate and lets him win with indirect damage and keep away, creating a tense little “mini-game”

One of the characters that feels most like their Yomi “counterpart”, probably especially after Bubble Shield is added (read its description in the move list and it seems cool)


I really wanted the arc bubbles though, that’s too bad.

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