Argargarg Fish Activation Reset on Hit

Possible oversight with blue and purple fish projectiles.

Not sure if this is a bug or if it is intended. But I am able to spam the projectile up close to generate a lot of poison bars on the target’s health track.

Expected Results:
Fish projectile activation doesn’t reset when it hits the target. Instead it has a reset timer for when it can be used.

Actual Results:
As soon as the fish projectile hits the target I am able to fire a new fish. Up close, I can mash the projectile button to spam a fish every half a second or so. The fish also does chip damage (as intended).

Wild West Client

You’re saying when the fish hits the opponent, at that point you’re able to spit another fish? Yes, that’s intended, like any projectile in any fighting game. Am I missing something here?

EDIT: assuming I’m reading it right, fyi doing poison fish over and over right next to someone is totally ineffective. They are not in hitstun; they’re free to act and hit you at any point during that so it doesn’t really matter that you can do several of them quickly. For the blue fish, it does matter. If you’re just the right range, you can do a few of them sometimes. You pretty much have to earn that and you get barely anything out of it on the rare occasions you can set it up though. Sometimes I sneak in 3 blue fish in a row with careful spacing in the corner when I have them poisoned to waste a little time and let poison tick. That’s rare to be able to do in a real match and only gets you a fraction fo a poisoned life chunk out of it. You can’t do it forever, only like 3 times or something if conditions are optimal.


Huh. Perhaps I never noticed this is other fighters because of the time it takes to do the 2,6 input? I noticed that with a keyboard you can sort of hold the key down and let it up slightly before pushing it again and it registering as a button press.

I think it is also his animation speed in combination with only having to press a key that threw me off. For example Grave’s animation takes time before he throws each projectile. Where as Arg’s animation is almost instantaneous.

Figured I would double check this. Thanks for the quick response. Now I am curious to test thi with other fighter games when I get back from work today.

Grave’s projectile has 11 frame startup. Argagarg’s is slower, with 20 frame startrup. You can check those in the practice mode, the frame stats are at the top of the screen. So Grave does NOT take more time before he throws a projectile.

This stuff is how it works in every fighting game. Ryu’s fireball has 12f startup on his fireball in SF2, and 14f startup in SF5. In both cases, when one fireball is gone, he can throw another right away. So I’m not sure why you think this is out of the ordinary. It’s working as intended.

Also fyi there is an 8f input buffer in Fantasy Strike, so I guess that’s what you mean by “with a keyboard you can sort of hold the key down and let it up slightly before pushing it again and it registering as a button press.” If the key is pressed within 8f of reaching neutral state (such as while getting up, or while spitting a fish), then that’s good enough to count as an input at the earliest possible timing once you do reach neutral state. That’s on purpose and a fantastic feature to make “reversals” really easy to do.