As grave: when to use air-a and when air-b on jump-in


i wonder when to use air-a and when air-b on jump-in.

if air-a hits, its guaranteed 3 damage with his combo, while air-b is 1 damage and knocks down, leading to mix-up potential. however i think hitting air-b is objectively better due to guaranteed 3 damage, which probably means that air-b has some other benefits like its more likely to hit or soemthing like that?
whe to use which?


I think you mean Air A in the 2nd part there.

The reason you use Air B:
it covers more distance where air A would not hit

You can use it to create space by going quickly backwards

Air B can avoid anti air moves that would hit Air A

Air B will crossup on a jump when Air A would not


yo cool, thanks!

Yeah, air B basically can’t combo (SOMETIMES, MAYBE, you can add on ground super and ground super ONLY if you hit it JUST RIGHT but usually you just waste your super), but air B does weird things to how Grave is moving in the air.

Basically, if you want more damage, go for air A. If you want to hit from places that air A usually can’t hit from, use air B (and decide to be OK with only 1 damage).

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AirB sAxxB also deals 2 hits of block damage, so it’s great if the enemy already blocked a special earlier.

what is sAxxB?

Standing slap into fireball.