Attacks can go in the wrong direction while blocking

Title: Attacks can go in the wrong direction while blocking.

If an opponent crosses you up during blockstun, a reversal attack will go in the direction you were facing during blockstun, instead of in the direction of the opponent. The same does not happen with hitstun. This does not happen when doing a reversal with a standard throw.

Additionally, this also occurs if there is a projectile on screen and block is held continuously after the opponent switches sides.

EDIT: The cause appears to be related to leaving blockstun while something else which causes proximity block is nearby, as the issue does not occur if Setsuki uses her B grab instead of her B kick.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In training mode pick any character with Setsuki as an opponent.
  2. Use Setsuki A followed by B point blank.
  3. Use an attack immediately after the 1st hit of Setsuki’s B connects.

Expected Results: Attacks go in the direction of the opponent.

Actual Results: Attacks go in the direction character is facing, regardless of opponent position.

Notes: Because Rainbow Disc has 1 frame gaps, an opponent cannot reversal in the correct direction if Valerie switches sides.


Control with Jaina and Setsuki is all manual. The first part is Jaina attempting to reversal after blocking. The second part is with a delay before using C, and the third is a reversal after hitstun.

EDIT: Another example, showing Grave first within range for proximity blocking, followed by being pushed out of range.

Game Version: v0.14172

Thanks for this detailed report, I’ll fix this for the next update.