Australia Release Experience


Just wanted to share my thoughts. I am a big Sirlin Games fan. My first game was Flash Duel, followed by Puzzle Strike and then Yomi. I play Yomi every week and my family loves Puzzle Strike. When the fighting game Fantasy Strike was announced I was super happy. But I did not have a computer that could run it so have been patiently awaiting the release.

When it was announced for end of July, I was super excited and checked on the date of release. When it was not on the store there was a comment explaining why on Fantasy Strike website - great I can wait. Organised some money based on $30USD - figured in AUD it might be $50.

But it finally came on approx $85.00. I am super excited to play and wish it the best. But this price is a barrier to me. I am not saying it is not worth $85.00 - just that the price was so much more than expected and I cannot buy in right now. My situation may be different to others in that I have a family and have to balance all our bills. So this is not a complaint - I just wanted to give feedback about my experience before and after the games release.

In the end I am still really happy with my board games which will be in my collection forever. Please be supportive of the release I do not mean to start a negativity train. Cheers. :slight_smile:

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Hi Rook96. We’re really sorry about the PS4 AUD pricing. It’s a mistake and not the price we intended to put in. We’re working on correcting that (and other EU regions as well!) ASAP, so please wait till then so you can get it at the correct pricing.

Here’s a little more info on it:


Now I am doubly sad that Sony stuffed it up, hopefully the launch is still big and if the price is coming down I look forward to it. Very exciting!

The pricing error was fixed shortly after FinalAtomicBuster’s last post.


I bought it and played it.

I have been watching the videos about Fantasy Strike a lot but had I thought in my mind that with simple controls it might be simpler in feel. But what really stood out to me is it felt like a full fighting game - even with simple controls. I had to fight my instinct to crouch and press buttons when being thrown though. :slight_smile:

Also big props for making it accessible because I am playing styles of characters I normally do not play. For example Setsuki is a rushdown mixup tricky character that I would not touch in other fighting games because of a high execution barrier. But in this game I can get right into the decision making.

The art is excellent I really like it and the story mode is amazing because I have been following Yomi for so long. Overall I am glad I finally have my hands on it and thank you for the great game.


Yes, it is definitely a full fighting game, complete with all of the depth that you would encounter in any other. It’s great because I can get back into competitive level play without needing to spend hours practicing “basic” stuff again in any other game.

Yes, I do agree that it’s interesting to see how many people say “I play in Fantasy Strike which is so weird since I normally don’t play them in other games”. It’s amazing what opens up to you when you don’t have to fight the controls.


It’s great to see some more Australians around since launch! I’m in Perth and have been playing since it was released on Steam early access. Although I’ve got 250+ hours playtime recorded, the vast majority of that has been single player or local because it’s been so hard to get an online opponent because of the time difference and/or connection quality. I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in online players since launch, which I assume is due to more people picking it up in the Australia and Oceania region. Looking forward to seeing the community grow!