Automatically disconnected from opponent

Automatically disconnected from opponent
Everytime I try to have an online casual amtch I get disconnected as soon as the match begins
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select online match
  2. connect with another player
  3. begin the match

Expected Results:
Both players should stay connected for the duration of the match
Actual Results:
players are disconnected immediately
It’s only happened against one particular player, but I can’t seem to find anyone but that specific player online, so I can’t tell for sure if he’s the problem.

Game Version:
System Information:
Asus PC, Windows 10 64 bit, Intel Core i5-7400 processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX1050 graphics card.


Nah man, the guy just ragequitted EVERYONE today. The poor dude became a meme!

He was talked about on Discord, people messaged me about him and I made a wall of screenshots of his quits. The guy is a legend at this point.

Anyway, some MUs like Setsuki, Jaina and Geiger he didn’t even try to play, others like Rook, DeGrey and Valerie ended up with him ragequitting after a round or two.

It wasn’t a bug, it was The Zerowulf Experience™.


Must feel really proud of himself buying a game and then not actually finishing a single game. Ffs, Setsuki is a favorable MU for Midori.

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I got him too, he quit after I was camping him out with my day-1 geiger. He they rage-quited immediately the next time we matched.

Holy cow, you just started playing Geiger today too? Fight me.

Maybe later, i actually need to study. PM your info

He’s doing it right away for the Midori matchup now, too. I wouldn’t even have that much of a problem with it if it weren’t for the fact that the game always counts it as a loss for me. I had won twice as many rounds as him, he manually disconnects and somehow not having won is on me? Yeah, I know, pre-alpha and all that, but being told my skills weren’t up to par when my opponent forfeits still gets under my skin.

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The end game and xp screen actually doesn’t really show anything meaningful yet.
I don’t think it’s affecting your mmr though.


I’ve made a video and a thread about him, I’ll link it here.

He sounds like a fantastic person

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