Avast blocking Fantasy Strike

Title: Avast blocking Fantasy Strike

Summary: On March version, FS is thought as being a malware by Avast.

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Obviously the only real answer is to put on sunglasses and a leather jacket and live dangerously


More seriously, we cannot possibly control what antivirus software decides to randomly block or not. There’s nothing in the March version that is more virus-like than in previous versions. Avast is in error.

On a more personal note, in modern times, antivirus software systematically cause many, many more problems than they solve. I haven’t touched one in almost two decades and have never regretted that choice, and I cannot count the amount of problems that friends, family, and customers have had that were directly caused by antivirus software. These things prey on the public’s fear and ignorance, break all sorts of functionality in all sorts of programs, and are actively negative value to their users. I personally recommend deleting all antivirus software forever, to everyone, under all circumstances.