Backwards Sliding Block Bug

Backwards Sliding Blocking Bug

When you jump and land just in front of a projectile you slide backward while blocking. The blocking animation shows even though you’re sliding backward. If attacked in front you don’t block it, and then get hit by the projectil in back.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play as Lum against Geiger (his projectiles are slowest and easiest to see)
  2. Geiger launches a normal gear
  3. Lum jumps over it, landing just in front
  4. Lum will slide backward while in blocking animation, following the gear.
  5. If Geiger pursues, Lum won’t block any attacks while in this state, and get hit by both attacks (from the front and the gear in back)

Game Version: August 2018

System Information: Windows PC, playing on Steam.

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