Basic question: What is DeGrey's style or archetype meant to be?

I intuitively grasp the ‘hook’ of the other characters. Valerie is a low-health offensive powerhouse. Rook is a plodding grappler. Jaina is a keep-away projectile user, etc.

I’m not sure what DeGrey’s ‘thing’ is supposed to be though. I’m not sure how all his moves fit together into a particular archetype. What is it? Maybe it’s super-obvious if you’ve played a ton of fighting games, but it’s going over my head.

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DeGrey’s thing is “Frametraps”. A frametrap is a string of attacks with an intentionally left gap that will allow the opposing player to start an attack after blocking the first in the string, but your second attack will hit them before their attack comes out. Hitting an opponent during the startup of their attack causes a Counter Hit, which DeGrey specifically gets big bonuses off. For example, on counter hit his bA ground punch will launch the opponent, and you can combo using fA cancelled into BB for 4 damage. BB on counter hit will cause the opponent to bounce off the wall, and midscreen you can then get another BB for 4 damage as well. DeGrey is the only character whose counter hits have special properties.

Note that frame traps fail if the opponent uses an invincible reversal in between your string, in which case you’ll get counter hit instead (although they will not get any bonus off of this). If they’re not mashing the reversal from the start, do a string a couple of times to condition them that it is a frametrap, in which case they might try the reversal. Block it instead of doing your string and punish. If they start blocking your frame trap instead, you can try for a throw.


Yeah, he’s heavily influenced by Slayer (at least in terms of what his B does) and he’s built around ducking out of the way of opponents’ predicted attacks and then punishing them, largely. Not quite an archetype but there are elements of other characters with moves that duck back out of the way before coming in for a hit, like Dudley.


“Influenced” is a soft way of saying it xD