BBB move set brainstorming

This is the place for BBB move list brainstorming

Since Arg has more or less been confirmed by Sirlin telling everyone to shut up about staff versus stretchy arms (RIP team Staff) I guess BBB will have to be more like sentinel than Dhalsim.

I guess his normals will be slow robo punches, maybe his neutral can do 2 punches. His jump punch DEFINITELY needs to be like sentinel (it’s even in his art!)

B: Gyro spin, a lariat that knocks back and far, like Jaina’s uppercut, but maybe not invincible.
C: extensor grab, a ranged command grab to mixup on block, but isn’t armored.

Air B: junk shot maybe? Maybe it’s like Geigear but… Something I dunno.
Air C

Super: either piston or graviton, but whatever it is, it will probably knock back far
Air super:

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Part of started wondering, hey, what if BBB played like a character from ARMS? Give it a long-range grab that loses out to all attacks (maybe even put a hurtbox on the arms that can be attacked) but also have a long-range punch that looks fairly similar. Maybe even have an air version of said long-range grab?


Yeah BBB definitely should have a ranged command grab. That’d be so good with mixup against blocking
Dhalsim has a hurt box on his arms when the stretch, but it depends on priority.

I am on the fence for air grab. It could be good, but maybe something else would be better? Also no one else has an air grab so far

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Adding that neutral will be medium length 2 punches and forward will be longer low punches that go under fireballs

From the Discord chat…

BBB idea: C does long-range command grab in air or on ground, and you can hold back to make it aim air-ward (completely unable to catch grounded opponent)

Presumably ground fA should be long-distance punch, and maybe bA does Dhalsim’s uppercut thing that just serves as very short-range anti-air?

No idea what B could be — projectile seems gratuitous when you have super long punches and grabs

Maybe a Robo-Ky style steam vent thing? Give BBB a heat gauge?

Maybe even make other moves better (longer range? Faster?) when BBB gets close to overheating, to encourage risky play?

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beikokutaichou [11:25 AM]
BBB one is easy to remember though

it was for his B to be a gear grind that you can mash for more hits

because we want him to be able to combo BBB

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I’mma just put this here.

Maybe we can focus on some other elements of BBB across the card games?
PS and FD both give him an element of upgrading himself - can we implement something related to that? Maybe another meter that you have to actively work towards building?
Could certain moves build a steam gauge that puts BBB into Overdrive? or can be used to release a burst of steam as a reversal?