Best Boss Rush in Player Profile is Inaccurate

Best Boss Rush in Player Profile is Inaccurate

The “Best Boss Rush” section in the player profile does not accurately reflect the best boss rush run made. At first, I did a 9 boss run with DeGrey. I then attempted boss rush with a few other characters. Then, I completed boss rush with Rook. Checking my profile, it stated that I had a 10 boss run (accurately). Later, I attempted boss rush with DeGrey. I completed 4 bosses. However, when I checked my player profile, it now stated I had completed 0 bosses (inaccurate) as my best run.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have DeGrey complete 7 bosses in boss rush.
  2. Have Rook complete all 8 bosses in boss rush.
  3. Check player profile.
  4. Have DeGrey complete 4 bosses in boss rush.
  5. Check player profile.

Expected Results:
The player profile correctly shows the 8 bosses I have completed as my best run.

Actual Results:
The player profile incorrectly shows that I have 0 bosses completed as my best run.

In case there is other info that you may need, my records are as follows:
Grave: 0
Jaina: 0
Geiger: 0
Argagarg: 0
Setsuki: 0
Valerie: 0
Rook: 8
Midori: 0
Lum: 2
DeGrey: 7


Game Version:

System Information:
Windows 10

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Fixed in the next update.

I still encounter this bug.
My Season 1 best boss rush with rook is 8, and with Geiger and Jaina is 7, but my profile shows 6 (my best for Midori and DeGray)