Big Guides Document

Here is a Google doc that we can all fill with character guides:

The format should be:
-Basic description of character
-Short description of unique mechanics/general gameplan
-Notes on individual moves (Concentrate on facts that are non-obvious/aren’t in the in-game move list)
-Matchup notes

As you can see, I’ve put in Geiger info.

(Yes yes, we can split this into multiple documents/threads if that is what people want.)


I added Rook content and am currently adding info about Grave. Ideally, someone who knows more about Grave will have additions/corrections.

Also, for some characters like Valerie, I’m not remotely qualified to write about them at all, so it would be good to have experts e.g. Leontes do so.


Jaina’s max range fA is plus on block and can be used to frame trap, also it might be possible to combo a max range fA into another fA into jB for 3 damage, I still have to test it though.

Jaina’s jA divekick is also great for pressure.