Black screen in the beginning of a ranked match

As a match is supposed to start after the team battle matchup carousel, instead the screen goes black with music

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play ranked
  2. ???
  3. bug

While the game was otherwise unresponsive, pressing esc did play the menu sound so after a bit of fumbling I did esc, up, confirm, confirm and got out. Asked my opponent about this afterwards and he reported getting a black screen too and then a message saying I quit, so it seems quitting worked properly at least.

The issue happens in the log around timestamp 895, second game of third ranked match.

(There’s also a desync in there at 41, in the first game of the first match, where I got put into the game as DeGrey who’s only on my opponent’s team and not my own)

My log
Neb’s log
(both set to expire in a month)

Game Version:

System Information:
Windows 10 Home
i7-6700, 16 GB, GTX 980

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Another black screen log, probably a slightly different case

This time I got no reaction from pressing esc, but I can’t 100% rule out that being because of an unrelated issue where the game occasionally stops accepting inputs after alt-tabbing, since I quickly switched to Discord before attempting.

(I believe that issue happens for me because of nonstandard window-focus-follows-mouse registry options, which occasionally gets finicky. When it does happen it eventually sorts itself out after switching window focus a bunch more, which I did try this time too, but I don’t know of a consistent fix so it’s possible that issue got triggered right then and I failed to fix it before giving up.)

Also I’ve turned music off since the previous report so no clue about that. Eventually I quit by closing the window, after which Sir reported their game saying the opponent left.