Blockable Oni charged gS

Blockable level 3 Oni gS

If Oni does a charged gS, and it blockstrings from a bot, the gS is blocked rather than hitting.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In training mode, activate bots.
  2. Begin charging gS.
  3. Release a fully charged gS just after a bot is blocked.

Expected Results:
The gS hits, because it’s unblockable.

Actual Results:
The gS is blocked, as part of a blockstring.

Reported on the behalf of SuperJAG.


Game Version:
Switch, latest release

System Information:

I would like to point out in further experimenting with blockstrings with Lum Bombs with the Onimaru full charge unblockable Super!

The expected results and actual results are the same! But at the end of this attachment video Lum did get into a block string before his bomb exploded and the Onimaru gS hit first! Further experiment!