Bug: Lum bomb blockstun escape

Lum bomb blockstun escape

If the opponent activates a cinematic immediately after you block the bomb’s first hit, you can use a move before the second hit.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Practise mode, Lum vs anyone
  2. Toss a bomb, block it and have the opponent use a cinematic super right after (maybe use framestep to time this)
  3. Mash any button during the cinematic

Expected Results:
You can’t use a move there, like when there’s no cinematic.

Actual Results:
You can use a move there, as a special case. If non-invuln you get counterhit, if invuln it avoids the explosion.

Tested with all cinematic moves. Doesn’t happen if the cinematic is a little too late.

Match footage: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/735537554090361022/890658621023739924/bombskip.mp4

Game Version:
Steam, v1.19748

System Information:

Update: this is likely due to one-sided hitstop being cancelled by the cinematic, which was observed using Grave’s gB and gS.

Normally (no cinematic), after blocking a cloud the defender is in blockstun for 28 frames, including one-sided hitstop.

With a cinematic, the defender is only in blockstun for 18 frames, which matches an estimated hitstop of 10 frames observed via framestep.

In the case of the bomb, this is sufficient to remove the blockstring entirely and make the player actionable.