Bug Report: rg with bubble shield super active not popping the bubble shield with jump C

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Be player1 vs midori?
  2. Be in p1 corner?
  3. I Don’t know sorry, maybe it has to do with dragon?

Expected Results:
Bubble shield pops with jump C

Actual Results:
It doesn’t


Game Version:
Live Steam

This was a very hard bug report to even parse what is being said. After reading it like 10 times, I think the claim is that while bubble shield is on, and you jump C then C again in the air to pop the bubble, that you expect the bubble to be gone afterwards. Yes, normally it is. But if you stacked 2 bubble shields (super…wait a while…super again to get two bubbles) then popping one still keeps the other.

This is with only one bubble shield, not stacked. It shows the bug in the clip

Ok, got it.