Bug Reporting Guidelines

1) Check the other posts in the category to see if the bug has already been reported.

Post in that thread if you have new details to provide. “Like” the original post in the thread if you’ve experienced the bug so that Sirlin Games can see if it’s happening to a lot of players.

2) If it’s a new bug, open a new thread for the bug.

The ideal bug report is one that allows us to immediately understand what the claimed problem is, and to give us instructions that allow us to reproduce the problem on on our end.

Good stuff to include in a bug report

Thread Title:
A short title that briefly summarizes the bug for a quick read to get the idea.\

Describe the problem in detail. Exactly how did you get it to happen? Did it happen 5 out of the 5 times you tried, or only very rarely?

Steps to reproduce:
Explain each step needed to cause the problem to happen. The easier you make it for us to reproduce the problem on our end, the more able we’ll be able to fix it.

Expected Results:
What you thought would happen.

Actual Results:
What actually happened.

For extra details that didn’t fit anywhere above.

You can attach files such as pictures or text files. Give a short description of the attached files such as “screenshot” or “crash log,” etc.

Game Version
Tell us which version of the game you’re using. The version number is in-game at the top of the screen in training mode.

System Information:
What system are you using? Especially for performance/graphics issues, note your OS, CPU, memory, graphics card, and any other details you think might be relevant.

3) Discussion in a separate linked thread, please.

If you’d like to discuss a bug (ie, how you feel about it, how you think it reflects on the implementation of the game, how it changes the current gameplay balance etc) make a separate thread and link it to the description thread. To do that, you scroll to the bottom of a thread, click “share” and then click “+ New Topic”.

That way, while debugging, Sirlin Games can get to the facts that will help us narrow down the problem as fast as possible, and look at the discussion section separately.