Can Sirlin please delete all of my comments/posts from the Fantasy Strike discord and the Fantasy Strike steam forum?

I want every one of my posts and comments from the Fantasy Strike steam forum deleted, including my 40-paragraph essay, all of my negative posts, the one where I complained about someone’s grammar, as well as the ones with the 4chan links.

I’m sorry. I’ve caused enough trouble for the Fantasy Strike community, and I just want my mistakes to be undone. I don’t want potential new Fantasy Strike players to go on the steam forum and get turned away from the game because of my “hate” comments, nor do I want a bunch of potential newcomers to think that the game is dead. I’m also deleting both my discord and steam account, and my negative review of the game as well.

Hate me all you want for the negativity I’ve spread. I don’t care, but what I do care about is making things right. I won’t ever post again, I would like to disappear for good, and I would like all my negativity to disappear with me.

According to Sirlin on Discord just now, he deleted the Steam posts, as requested, but he can’t delete the review (which I guess makes sense, since that would be really easy for devs to abuse).

Personally, my take is, I think your enthusiasm for the game is great, and it’s cool to stick around if you’re actually going to improve your behavior and stuff. I don’t speak for the mods or anything, but I think that you could, at least in theory, be a positive presence overall. Just, you know… work on stuff like tact and getting better at assessing the value of linked sources. We’ll all still be around Discord, and generally speaking, I think people there are pretty willing to give you another chance if you can show you deserve one.

If nothing else, maybe we’ll see you in the game! Good luck either way.


I second @GRAG’s sentiments.

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Why not delete your own comments and update your review? I’m glad you feel the need to make things right but there’s no need to delete your accounts.

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It looks like I still have email notifications on after all this time.

I’m starting to miss my accounts. I guess I should not have deleted them all so quickly, and it looks like Steam gets rid of the accounts for good once deleted.

Can I regain access to my account once it has been deleted?

No, once Steam support has deleted the account, neither the account nor any information related to it can be restored.

Well hey, the game could always use more players!