Can’t connect to PS4 friends from switch

Can’t connect to ps4 friends from switch

Haven’t been able to connect to ps4 friends from switch version. Also I tried logging into switch FantasyID on Psn but can’t log out of the one I made for PlayStation.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. inviting or trying to log out

Expected Results:
to figure out a way to connect to ps4 players and host friend matches on switch. Looking to be logged out of ID on PSN to be able to transfer core pack and purchased cosmetics.

Actual Results:



Game Version:

System Information:

One possibility is that you tried this right as there were server problems, and trying again would just work. Another possibility is that as of this moment, Switch players need BOTH players to have the core pack in order to do a friend match, and maybe you tried it where at least one player doesn’t. This will change after Nintendo approves our next patch, then only the player doing the challenging will need the core pack.

As a separate matter, if you would like to use the same login on PS4 and Switch, but you currently are using different accounts for those, then you can tell our tech director Thelo the tag you have on Switch, the tag you have on PS4, and the result you desire to happen. You can reach him at or you can post the info here.