Can We Get A ColorEditMode For Fantasy Strike

Every Fighting Game Needs One

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I remember this mode being kind of awesome in CvS2, haha. But not sure if it’s that important for our game, at least from a development standpoint right now. Got so much else for us to focus on! But thanks for the feedback.


Has this ever been implemented in an online fighter? All the examples I can think of, I think, were offline only.

This would certainly solve both sides of the “have a dark-skinned colors for each character” thing.

Post-launch, obviously, but that sounds like a great cosmetic to sell!

Check out Warframe’s implementation: instead of sliders they sell themed colour palettes.

SFXT had online color edit

Ultra Street Fighter 2 has color edit for online play. Some people get real annoying with it. Customization is cool and can be lots of fun, but USF2 and Tekken 7 are really driving home how obnoxious players can be when you give players the tools to… be obnoxious.


What if you could lock your local Color Edit to override the remote player’s edited colors? Better yet, make it a one-key toggle, with a default set in the menu.

That said, we can start with having a completed game and bother with color edit later.


Could be good
although it would only be at the aesthetic level
it would be better for each character to have two different types of movement to use

Oh two weapons if it were the case

The Switch version of SF2 has a pretty robust colour editor that can be used online. It actually looks kinda nice as well.

It would be great, as long as it doesn’t slow down online play. I know it sounds weird, but in MK9 selecting different colors/skins did slow down the netcode a bit.

I does sound weird. I’d imagine you’d pass the color information on once before the match starts and that’d be it.
I’ll take your word for it though.^^

MK9’s netcode was a trainwreck though, like literally a match on a normal stage would barely lag and the next match on the bloody sand stage would be barely playable.

I still loved that game though.