Cannot login to PS4

Cannot login:

I created my account on Steam and have logged into a friend’s PS4 to play once; now I cannot login on my own PS4

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Sign in on a PS4
  2. Try to sign in on another

Expected Results: logging into my PS4, disconnecting the other

Actual Results: “Incorrect Fantasy Tag or Password” (untrue)

System Information: PS4

I can log your FantasyTag out of the previous PS4 to let you log into your own PS4. What’s your FantasyTag?

ThatMusicWriter. Thanks

Alright, that previous PS4 is now logged out of FantasyTag ThatMusicWriter. On your next game launch, you can use your own PS4 account to log into FantasyTag ThatMusicWriter.

Thank you! <3 Maybe you guys can add account management functionality to your website sometime in the future.