Cannot play Online

Title: Cannot play online

Computer keeps attempting to play a local vs match instead of going to online matchmaking

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch game with or without controller plugged in
  2. Attempt to Play online
  3. Select a character

Expected Results:
Matchmaking with others online

Actual Results:
Waits for 2nd person to choose character. Once that’s done, it waits forever and does nothing.

Occurred after the bugfix mid September. Was working properly with the first September build. Have tried the following:

  • Rebooting the game
  • Launching in Steam overlay and not in Steam overlay
  • Resetting all settings to default
  • Reinitializing the controller
  • Booting game without controller plugged in


Game Version:

System Information:
2500k, 1st gen Titan, 16 gigs, SSD

Go into the Debug tab of the settings and turn Event Mode off

Thank you.

Dunno why that’s a thing that’s been happening, to be honest! But then I have nothing to do about with the making of the game ; )