Can't connect to anyone

Title: Can’t connect to anyone

Summary: Since a few days after installing, I lose connection to every opponent.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Queue for either casual or ranked, try to engage in a challenge against a friend

Expected Results: SOme kind of notification (“Opponent found”) should appear and an online match should begin.

Actual Results: The message “Lost connection to opponent” appears before the game even goes to a different screen

Notes: I’m located in the EU. I used to be able to play just fine but after some hiatus installed the game on this new computer of mine for the first time. On the first day of play, I didn’t find any opponents.
A few days afterwards, I played neigutten on ranked without technical difficulties.
Following that, I suffered a desync from Polaris in which I the game gave me the wrong character (the ranked match-up showed my correct team). I desynced from them once more on the next try.
Since then, I’ve always encountered the bug described above, i.e. “Lost connection to opponent” before any kind of transition.
I’ve tried forwarding the two relevant ports, without success.
I’m using the Steam version and am located in Germany.

Attachments: output_log.txt

Game Version: v1.16899 (Steam)

System Information: Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit

Today, I’ve been able to connect to multiple different people without incident. Maybe the port forwarding took some time to take effect?

Today I’m losing connection again. Bizarre.
Edit: Worked again after a restart. Or I got lucky with the people I connected too.

Have you tried other p2p games? your problem might be more general. When I had problems I couldnt play other p2p games and the solution was enabling some UPnP options on my router.