Challenge for the strategic card game fans out there: TAS TIME

One of the cool things about Fantasy Strike is that it has frame advance mode in training mode, which has been promoted from “debug feature” to “actual feature.” I know at least a few of the folks here came from Sirlin’s tabletop games, so this might be an intriguing challenge to you.


What’s the fewest number of frames in which each character can score a KO? Two categories, I guess, for “starting with full super” and “starting without” (though I feel like most of the super animations take long enough that “starting without” might be the de facto only category for most, if not all, of the characters).


Start in training mode with your choice of opponent, with the positioning identical to the start of a round. You are allowed to control both players, so if you’d like, you’re welcome to turn off Yomi counters and just pretend that the opponent lost (though honestly, if you’re going to throw, odds are good that you’d want the opponent walking forward anyway).

You may choose any opponent you wish (Setsuki and Valerie seem like good options for obvious reasons). You may manipulate luck with Lum by going into the pause menu and choosing what the next item toss will be. Tool-assisted!


Get your opponent to zero HP in as few frames as possible. The count starts after you enter frame step mode, and stops the frame the opponent’s HP actually hits zero (i.e. when the game would put up the “KO” message). Count the number of times you press the “frame advance” button.

Anyone intrigued?


Ha! Very intriguing! I may have to start thinking about this one.

About the best I can think of for DeGrey comes from an actual round I had. Basically:

  • DeGrey jumps straight up and Valerie does fB toward him
  • DeGrey hits with air A
  • DeGrey lands and gets counterhit bA on Valerie into TROOOOTH and JUSTISSSSSSS for KO

The timer said three seconds had elapsed, but, uh, frames


You… I just started going into practice mode for that exact combo.:rofl:


The question, though, is what the fastest KOs for the other characters would be