Character-based achievement ideas

So this is just a thought that kind of occurred to me while posting about the 6-damage Geiger combo, but it might be fun to brainstorm character-specific achievements you could try to… achieve.

Here are a few ideas:


  • win a match with a Yomi Counter or air super


  • do a combo with 5 or more damage


  • do a combo where 3 or more damage comes from projectiles


  • win a round using only armored special moves, taking at least 1 damage each time you use any of them


  • win a round using only the C button

Obviously they aren’t all super great, but character-specific achievements seem like a pretty fun idea, potentially

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I would sadly want these to only happen vs bots, so that it doesn’t distort “actual play”.

but. several of those entertain me.

The main thing for me is just having Achievements, any, even really boring “get 100 wins” type of thing. Yomi and Puzzle Strike really lose out for not having any for me :frowning:

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Some easy ones:

  • First ranked win
  • Win a round with super (each character)
  • Win a round by time-out
  • Win a round with Yomi counter
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Yeah… I understand the “don’t distort actual play” thing really well (heck I’ve written articles about terrible Achievements before), but honestly I think the “gameplay warping” thing is so minor to be negligible with most of these so far here.

In general, if someone chooses to hurt their chances to win an online match to get an Achievement, then it’s on them really anyway. Otherwise most of these would just happen anyway naturally really over time… well, maybe not Time Out or the Midori or Rook ones, those could be a bit iffy :slight_smile:

But yeah, getting wins / doing good stuff in 1P modes type of Achievements are all that’s really needed anyway.

Honestly, it’s not like people are going to be shooting for achievements like these at tournaments, so what’s the harm if someone decides their online ranking can take a brief dive for a day or two trying to do something unlikely and combo video-y?