Character-based player titles for netplay

There was a thing going on a while back now on the Discord chat server, and it seemed important to archive the ideas. Basically, we riffed on ideas for selectable player “titles” for online play, based on characters, like you usually have with modern fighting games.

GRAG - 02/27/2017
So obviously FSFG needs player titles for online play that have a character portrait and a short phrase on them
Should probably just start a forum thread for ideas
Also, we totally need character emotes
:Quince: Ally of Justice
:Quince: For the Greater Good

February 28, 2017
Fenrir - 02/28/2017
:Quince - No Bad Hombres.
:Quice - Thruthyness
:Quince - 2 + 2 = 5

GRAG - 02/28/2017
:Grave: Stronger Every Day
:Menelker: A Win is a Win
:Geiger: Time is Negotiable
:Jaina: Hotheaded

Andarel - 02/28/2017
:Midori: Yup, I Was a Dragon All Along

GRAG - 02/28/2017
:Valerie: Struck by Inspiration
:Midori: Wise Mentor
:Menelker: Play to Win
:BBB: Beep-boop
:Argagarg: Not Losing Means Winning

Thelo - 02/28/2017
Menelker has two quotes because he’s not bound by rules

Redless - 02/28/2017
:Argagarg: Defense is the best offense
:Vendetta: There is no escape
:Gwen: Time running out
:Gloria: #420doeverydruglol2gr82strngwildnfree

GRAG - 02/28/2017
:Jaina: Live to Blaze

Andarel - 02/28/2017
:Lum: I don’t even play this game

GRAG - 02/28/2017
:Lum: Beginner’s Luck

GRAG - 02/28/2017
:Rook: Stone Cold
:Menelker: Adapt or Die
:Argagarg: No More Force than Necessary
:DeGrey: The Truth Shall Set You Free
:DeGrey: No More Lies
:Quince: Spin to Win
:ghost: No Rest until there’s Justice
:Setsuki: Swoop

GRAG - 02/28/2017
:Argagarg: Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick
:Menelker: Don’t Hold Back
:Geiger: Don’t Press Forward
:Geiger: Time Stand Still
:Grave: I Don’t Smile
I feel like maybe :DragonMidori: Here Comes a Very Special Boy might be a little too amusing-to-me-alone to work
:Jaina: Fight Through the Pain

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