Character colors in causual match dont load when game starts while solo game is loading

character colors in casual match dont load (at all) when game starts while solo game is loading

I was in casual queue and while waiting for opponent playing some solo matches vs ai. i just selected characters for solo match a game just started loading when i got casual match and that resulted in character colors not being loaded (see picture)

Steps to reproduce:
can not myself

Expected Results:
characters visuals normally load

Actual Results:

Game Version:
v1.17155 steam

System Information:
win 10

It happen again and cause seems to be same.

I was in solo match while queuing for causal. I got causal, and after it finish game was loading solo again, and just as solo game loading started I got another causal game, and that causal game had not textures loaded


Same as above, except I had just selected the daily challenge when I matched for casual. No textures for the first set, no textures for the re-match.

Game returned to normal after that.

Also, I lost the opportunity to play the daily that day. :man_shrugging:t2: