Character Intro/Training Animation Ideas

So it’s been mentioned on Discord that the pre-match intros and post-match training animations (currently just walking in and push-ups for everyone) are intended to be cosmetic microtransactions they can sell after launch to help, you know, fund further development, and so it occurred to me that it might be a cool idea to have a thread to collect ideas for animations they could do. Here are a couple intro animation ideas to get us started!

LUM: Maybe a parody/reference to Gambit’s MvC/MSFvSF intro where he throws cards in from offscreen, except that they’re just sort of like they were thrown by a normal person, so they flutter awkwardly down, before Lum jumps in onscreen? Maybe he also just lands face-down, spread-eagled when he does so

DEGREY: DeGrey with back to the camera, back-to-back with Ghost. Ghost points at opponent, JoJo-style, and then the two do a sort of 520° spin (a turn and a half) to separate and go into regular stance

JAINA: Obviously she’s gonna have to spin that bow around at SOME point


GRAVE: Sitting seiza until he’s struck by lightning, then slowly gets up

MIDORI: Swoops in as Dragon from the background, then changes to human form and lands

VALERIE: Basically a fancier version of air B maybe?


LUM: slot machine comes up panda/panda/panda and he pops out of it


SETSUKI: Just appears. Like at the last second.

VALERIE: She’s painting the scenery on an easel (the painting looks different depending on the stage) and pushes it aside before the fight.

ROOK: Gets dropped off by 3 or 4 birds holding him up by the vines.

JAINA: She’s playing “The knife game” but with a flame arrow. Maybe there’s an alternate animation where she burns her hand that only plays 10% of the time. EDIT: This would work better as a pushup-training replacement, actually.


GEIGER: Is already there looking at his watch before looking up at the other player with a “Finally, they’re here.” expression.


GEIGER: Walks in from the opponent’s side, backwards. Some sort of flickering effect to suggest he’s moving backwards through time.

GEIGER: Climbs put of a DeLorean.

ARG: A small hemispherical bubble appears on the ground. It grows larger and larger until it bursts, revealing argagarg inside it.

LUM: Zooms past clinging to a larger version of his rocket/fireworks item, (from his side to the opponent’s side) then sprints back to his side just in time for the round to start.

DEGREY: Moonwalks onto the screen. The ghost is embarrassed.


I like the geiger backwards walk

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Like, Geiger just walks away, but in reverse?

Like, Geiger just walks away, but in reverse?

Essentially. I think he should probably look at his watch at the end when he starts moving forward thru time again, but I’m not 100% sure on the mechanics of how the watch works.

ROOK: Shaped like an actual chess rook, then changes into his normal form transformers-style.

ROOK: Finishes a game of Yomi with an off-stage opponent, then stands up to fight.

ARGAGARG: A wave carries him in, but he’s riding his staff like a surfboard and does a flip before landing.


This is pretty good. I think it would be great if there were birds that were flocking vaguely in the shape of a hand that placed him on screen like he was a rook advancing across the board (so zooming from the side of the screen and then placed).


I haven’t read everything already in here so there may be duplicates.

Rook: Already on-screen in the combat layer or background, unmoving like a statue. Dust and plants suggest he hasn’t moved in a long time. Birds are perched on top of him. Then he rises and shakes off the dust.

Arg: Surfs in on a wave.


  • Flies in on her kite
  • Teleports in in a puff of smoke like for her yomi counter
  • Throws away a piece of cloth colored like the stage background that was camouflaging her

Val: From the view of the empty stage, zoom out to reveal it was just a painting that Val was working on while waiting for her opponent


  • Strolls in, gnawing at a stick of bamboo
  • (Training) playing solitair
  • (Training) shuffling a Pandante deck

Geiger: Moves in with a series of bA to not lose his charge :wink:

Btw.: I wonder how many people would be interested in paying for training animations. Isn’t a main drive for that showing off? But only you can see that animation. Wouldn’t there be more money in victory animations/poses?


I laughed out loud at this

Setsuki idea: she’s standing in the regular spot, then gets hit in the back with a couple fast kunai, turns into a log, and then the real one jumps in from off-screen


DeGrey: Ghost-chan choke holds DeGrey and then lets him go (so he feels the mischief that she inflicts on others as well).

Here’s the true top tier setsuki idea:
A log is sitting on stage. Setsuki uses replacement jutsu to appear on stage.

Intro: Has watch open and is adjusting it, closes watch and comments “I have some time for you”

Training: Tinkering with his watch


Training, Setsuki throwing shurikem at a target


Intro: DeGrey breaks through a door at the screen edge with final arbiter shouting “JUSTICE!” (Possibly with a fade in effect as he flies in)

Training: reading a law book

Instead of push-ups animation.

ARG: Argagarg is meditating.

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ALL: (Intro) Walk in, slight bow and Chinese martial arts like hand greeting.

GRAVE: (Training) Makes push-ups with only one hand, or thumb.

Geiger Training: playing hacky sack. I don’t know why but it works in my head.

Well, he does have the time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: