Characters Load Too Quickly in Survival

Characters Load Too Quickly in Survival

Sometimes the characters in survival will load in very quickly. So far, it has only happened when I have done a screen-shaking nA juggle after the opponent is already KO’d with DeGrey at the end of the round. The next character will load in so quickly that I will get hit in recovery or, in the case of a shadow boss, the screen will start to fade out before I am out of recovery. In both cases, the character’s model will freeze in mid-air and be darkened (there was one weird exception. Lum was bright white once). The model will disappear gradually as usual, however. This doesn’t happen very often. Maybe once every 2-3 survival runs. I have a sneaking suspicion it happens with a specific timing of the nA juggle. Probably doing the nA slightly late so that game thinks the round is completely over, but the character can still be juggled.

Edit: I have now reproduced this 100%. The steps below have been modified to reflect the case. When the character is in a bounce state, DeGrey (haven’t tested with other characters) can press nA or fA late in their bounce. It does not need to hit. It can whiff even from fullscreen. The KO’d opponent will immediately stop bouncing (usually floating in mid-air depending on your timing) and darken. The new opponent will immediately come in.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Choose DeGrey for Survival Mode (I did it with 50 opponents each time).
  2. KO the opponent in such a way that they will still be airborne for an nA or fA juggle followup.
  3. Press fA or nA late in their bounce.

Expected Results:
The opponent goes to the ground as usual and there is the usual startup for the next opponent to come in.

Actual Results:
The KO’d opponent will freeze in mid-air, and the new opponent comes in immediately. If DeGrey hits with his nA, the new opponent will come in before he can recover from his nA or, in the case of a shadow boss, the screen darkens immediately before he can recover from his nA.



Game Version:

System Information:
Windows 10