Clearer animation of block damage idea

When a character blocks a strong attack, he takes block damage. 3rd block damage taken means 1HP down. This is indicated by a health point flashing red slow, or fast.
I came up with a version that may be quicker to read. How about skewing the last health point. After first BD the last bar falls a bit from horizontal position, after the second one it dangles like a deciduous tooth, and after the third one it fades away. It might be even more indicated by a subtle shake of the whole lifebar.
I’m not sure if this is an elegant or aesthetically pleasing animation, but I’m positive it’s quicker to read than simple flashing.

Not a bad idea. I think it may be better instead that the bar looks cracked. More cracks when you have taken two hits. That way you won’t have to wait for the flashes. You can very quickly glance and see it right away.

That’s the point of my idea. That you immediately see the block damage state.
Cracked segments may convey the meaning, but mine still seems quicker to read, and requires no extra graphics.

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