Clipping end of Rook's C with Grave's gS Causes Armor Break Animation But No Cinematic

Clipping end of Rook’s C with Grave’s S Causes Armor Break Animation But No Cinematic

Grave can gS the very tip of Rook’s C near the end of the animation, and it’ll cause the armor break shatter, but Rook still stays standing and there is no cinematic. Rook does take the 1 damage and flinches. I guess there are two small hitboxes at the start of Grave’s gS and the second one still has armor break properties, but the cinematic requires the first hitbox to connect. I tested with Dragon C as well.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to training mode with Rook and Grave.
  2. Have Rook walk into Grave until he starts pushing him.
  3. Enter frame step mode.
  4. Have Rook walk backwards for 68 frames.
  5. Have Rook C and grave gS the very next frame.

Expected Results:
Rook doesn’t get armor broken or Rook gets armor broken and enters cinematic.

Actual Results:
Rook gets armor broken, does not enter cinematic, and only flinches instead of knocked down.



Game Version:

System Information: