Consistent Issues on PS4

I play on PS4 and am consistently having my game crash. Sometimes I can go a few matches without having it crash. It is inevitable that it will crash at some point.

Another issue with PS4 is the wait times to get into a ranked match. More often than not I have to wait 15 plus just to find one match.

There also seems to be a connection issue. Hey I have had 4 games end. To make sure it’s not just on my end I loaded another online game and it didn’t have any issues.

Don’t worry , its not only you . I’m on the same boat. I play like 2 to 3 matches per hour.

Thanks, I am investigating this issue at the moment.

Have you noticed any pattern in the crashes? For instance, does it always crash at the very end of a match, or always in menus, or anything like that?

The times it crashes the most is after a tournament has been completed, whether at the end or if I lose, and I select leave.

I just experienced another crash. This one happened before the 3rd round started. It showed which characters were going to be played and then it crashed.

I just found a severe bug that happens when you go to practice mode while queued for a Ranked match , then after the match ends, the game resumes practice mode. This can hard-crash the game on Switch and PS4, and can cause non-hard-crash but severe problems on PC.

I am working on a fix, but in the meantime, do not use Practice mode while queued for Ranked online.

(To clarify, this is not about the crash that happens between rounds of a ranked match, it’s a different one.)

I also have this issue on ps4, crashes ONLY in ranked, never casual. I never go to practice mode in between sets. The frequency is about once per hour. Sometimes it happens in between sets, sometimes during gameplay.

I’ll keep updating this post with my crashes, as well as some details. (When, characters, rounds etc)

I came across another crash. This time it happened after I had won a tournament and selected change team. Thank you for looking into these.

Crashed again, this time in between rounds of ranked. Lost a star

I am having similar issues on Switch.

It tends to crash during Ranked matches or immediately after a match is completed.

I am also finding difficulty joining Casual matches (not connecting), whereas my friend on PS4 can join casual matches in no time.