Console Really needs a training mode recording option

Trying to use frame skip and a second controller is really tough and that’s really my only complaint, I want to lab this game hard and a record option would help.


Yep I hope they can add it.

Mind you, the best “lab” for FS is often to play lots of games online too! :smiley:

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I play them when I get them but I don’t get online matches very quickly on PS4 is it quick on Steam?

You can play vs Steam unless you’ve disabled crossplay for some reason? (I recommend you don’t do that!). As for matches it really depends when you play and what kinds of matches and what skill level you are.

I usually queue for Casual and Ranked at the same time in Europe evening times, and I usually get matches very quickly. More quickly than even games like SFV for me, especially as FS allows me to set Casual match to “any” opponent skill level if I want to (I don’t usually though).

I think I was experiencing this bug fixed last patch

If you’re playing on PC, you can use keyboard macros as your record option. Unfortunately, on console you would need a controller that has macros.

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Yeah I have options to do that with other hardware but I can’t be asked to do that.

I agree a recording option would be really helpful. As it is, the training mode is fine for practicing your offensive options, but not so much for practicing defense.

Aside from that, I would love to be able to turn on the CPU in training mode as well, and also be able to press a button to swap between controlling player 1 and player 2. This would be a lot more convenient than having to mess around with 2 controllers, or to have to get out a second controller every time I want to practice something.

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Any macros programs you or any else can recommend? I’ve seen Sirlin say he’s had no issues testing things out with frame step and using the keyboard, but I can’t even manage to use the keyboard to control one character. Never learned the muscle memory for any kind of keyboard gaming since it hurts my wrists. (Why typing doesn’t hurt idk).