Constant crashes on switch

My switch version of the game keeps crashing. This started a couple days ago. haven’t been able to play a single game because the game crashes before loading or soon after. I have tried deleting my save data and reinstalling the game. It hasn’t worked. Any thoughts on other potential solutions?

I bought the core pack because I really enjoying the game and now I literally can’t play it :frowning:

Thanks, I am investigating this issue at the moment.

Have you noticed any pattern in these Switch crashes? For instance, does it always crash at the very end of a match, or always in menus, or anything like that?

I guess most crashes come during the game loading screen (with the progress bar) and the main menu. I have noticed that graphical glitches often happen before the crash (Eg the character in the main menu looks weird for a second).

Other than that it feels like it’s just a matter of time.