Controller automatically registers as Player 2

Controller automatically registers as Player 2
Plugging XBOX One controller into MacBook Pro Retina late 2013 i can navigate through menus, choose character, but can not enter and play as the Game automatically maps my controller to Player 2. Only if i plugin at a certain point of the game starting up i can seem to avoid that. Even using the holding button down method i can not remap the controller to player 1.
Another thing is, whenever i switch windows (for examply just checking my facebook chat in between rounds/matches) when i come back to the game, the controller is no longer working. Even if i just switched windows for a few seconds. I then have to close the whole game and restart.
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In older versions of the game this problem didn’t show

Game Version:
newest version as of Feb 5th 2020

System Information:
Mac Os Sierra

Nothing has changed about controllers in the game for a long time. My guess is that you’re using either a 3rd party program such as joy2key that makes a controller behave secretly like a keyboard, or in Steam you’re using Steam’s “controller support” feature that actually messes up support for controllers by secretly treating them like keyboards. Double check that you have disabled “controller support” in Steam’s options, either globally, or at least for Fantasy Strike in particular.

The expected behavior is that whichever controller (that DOESN’T have secret settings to be treated as a keyboard) that you touch first after game launch becomes p1. Whichever controller you touch second after launch becomes p2. It is impossible, as far as we know, to ever have a single a controller plugged in and have it set to p2. The ONLY way we have ever heard of this happening is the thing said above about joy2key or Steam “controller support” messing it up.

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Thanks man, i’ll check that right away!