Controlling both characters in online match

Twice in my first 3 hours of play I have queued into a match (both times against PS4 players, I am on PC) and my button inputs were used for both characters. If I did nothing, my opponent didn’t move either.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Queue into casual match

Expected Results:
Normal match
Actual Results:
Sitting wondering what is happening on my opponent’s side and whether they will report me as a hacker.
There is a similar bug report from a few years ago but that involved the matched opponent showing up with the same name and character as the player. When it happened to me the opponent had their own name and character. The comments also said it was a rare known bug, but this happened to me twice in my first two play sessions.

System Information:
Windows 10 Home
Acer Aspire E5-575G Signature Edition
GeForce 940MX

The same thing just happened to me. I’m on PC, and I believe I was matched with another PC player in this instance. I assumed it was someone cheating to get their rank up. It only happened once to me and on a casual match.

There’s a rare bug that can apparently cause you to get matched up online against… yourself. Hopefully, with the increased player base, the devs can get a better idea of what causes it. Until then, well, you’ve got a weird story to share!