[Controls] QM character select with kb skips colour

QM character select with kgb skips colour selection

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start game
  2. Select qm
  3. Select character using keyboard

Expected Results:
You get to a screen where you can choose colour palette.

Actual Results:
That screen is skipped and queues immediately.

Works with mouse, works with controller.
I’m using a home built X-Arcade configured as a keyboard, but using my actual keyboard does the same thing.

Game Version:
v 0.10144

System Information:
Late 2013 27" iMac, 24GB memory, 4GB video card, Windows 8.1

That’s working as intended. In mouse/keyboard mode, you click the shirt icon to change colors. Using a controller, there is an extra step you’re forced to do to pick colors.