Core Pack not Available on PS4

Hi, I have abit of a small issue here.

I created a player tag when I was playing on PC (IGN = Yaiba08) and purchased a core pack.

I am now trying to play the game on my PS4, which to my surprised, the core pack does not carry over from other platform onto PS4 due to Sony’s policy.

It was a mistake on my part for not researching thoroughly.

So right now, I am trying to purchase another core bundle under the IGN Yaiba08 but the core bundle is not available. What gives?

Do I need to sign out of the Yaiba08 ID, create another ID in order to purchase the core bundle on PS4?

That’s a tricky one pal.
I’m gonna tag the guy who knows the things.

The Core Pack should always be available if you don’t already own it. On PS4, it should be buyable both from the in-game store, or directly from the PS Store. Do you not see the Core Pack in either of these places?