Costume Change Back to Default

Title: Costume Change Back to Default

Summary: Not a big issue, but one I’ve noticed. If you choose a costume colour other than the default for Arcade Mode, and then get interrupted to play a Quick Match during the ladder climb, when you go back to Arcade Mode the character’s costume has reverted back to the default colour. This bug seems to apply to all characters.

Steps to reproduce:
In Arcade Mode:

  1. Choose Arcade Mode.
  2. Select any character, but choose one of the alternative costume colours.
  3. During the Arcade MOde ladder climb, play a quick match.
  4. After completing the quick match, go back to Arcade Mode.

Expected Results: When returning to Arcade Mode the character would retain the chosen alternate costume colour.

Actual Results: When returning to Arcade Mode the character reverts to the default costume colour.

Notes: This bug applies to all characters, and I think may also apply if you are in Training Mode when the Quick Match interrupts.

Game Version: Steam v0.11897

I’ve actually had situations where my character goes from default color to color 2 after an online match, too ^^

Thanks, that will be fixed in the next update.