Crash during Daily Challenge as DeGrey [Switch]

During Daily Challenge as DeGrey on the Switch, the software crashes to the Switch’s Home menu.

This has happened to me 3/3 times, though I can’t be sure about detailed steps, given that it takes another day to test. I’m sure I have lost the Daily Challenge at least once (quickly) without crashing. But I haven’t made it past three opponents without crashing. The most recent crash was after the July 31 update.

DeGrey might not be relevant, but he was my Daily Challenge go-to, so there you are.

I’m adding “(Possible)” steps that I know I’ve done at least once but which might be irrelevant.

Steps to repro (best guess):

  1. Boot up Fantasy Strike on the Switch.
    1.5 (Possible) Select Online, and use Y to turn on Casual and Ranked search.
  2. Go to Solo and select Daily Challenge, selecting DeGrey.
    2.5 (If 1.5) Hold Y to cancel Casual and Ranked search.
  3. Defeat the first and second opponents.
  4. Try doing Tyrant Crushers while waiting for new opponents to spawn.
  5. Notice if the game crashes to Switch Home screen.

Good luck!

I attempted to recreate the issue, but I forgot to do 2.5 first. I just hit confirm when it said it would turn off matchmaking. In this specific case, I did not crash. I was doing tyrant crusher as much as I could, just in case (made it to opponent 7). It did take a while for it to load the shadow boss, but it loaded fine. I’ll try again and try to remember to do step 2.5 when the daily challenge refreshes.

I can confirm that on my Switch, Daily challenge crashes the game 75% of the time

I also have experienced this issue, on first play of daily on switch I had a crash occur immediately after first defeated enemy in the daily, I was playing as DeGrey.

I am going to attempt again once I can get a new daily attempt, and try to replicate with a different character.