Crowdfunding campaign question

Hey there,

Figured I would create a new thread rather than hijack the announcement one, but merge if needed :slight_smile:

My question is : if pledging for the PS4 game on top of the steam one, will you be able to generate PSN codes for the specific region we live in. I’ve had some troubles in the past with some devs realising that they were limited to their national stores at the moment of release (not PSN though). As I know that US codes don’t work in German store, I’d rather be sure before taking the plunge!



That’s a fair question and it’s a bit tricky to deal with. You’re right that US codes won’t work in the German store. So we’ll be getting some codes from the US branch of Sony and some from the EU branch. If you’re in Germany, you should be fine.


Ok, thanks for taking the time to reply.