Cruel Survival Mode Health Glitch

Cruel Survival Mode Health Glitch

Returning to Cruel survival mode after a quick match leaves you with the amount of health you had when the quick match started, but restores your opponent to perfect health.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter Cruel survival mode while searching for a quick match, and take some damage.
  2. While still in Cruel survival, be matchmade with an online opponent, and play the match.

Expected Results:
You would start the round with the same amount of health as you had the first time you started the round against that Cruel opponent.

Actual Results:
When you return, you will be left with the amount of health you had when the quick match started, but your opponent is restored to perfect health.

It was Setsuki vs Metal Lum when I encountered this bug. I returned to find I had exactly one health remaining, which should normally be impossible since you heal between rounds. Meanwhile, all of Lum’s health had been restored.

Game Version: v0.15312

System Information: Windows 10 PC, 16 GB of RAM, Intel Core i7-4820 CPU @ 3.70 GHz, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 GPU.

I’ve also had a similar bug where I won against metal boss by time over, but didn’t get a health refill. An opponent joined the game during the round, which may have been part of it?


It looks like the bug is actually that if you get matchmade and then return to the Survival run, you start off at the same health you had at the end of the previous round, without getting any between-round healing.

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